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Mobile telephony


5G trial platforms in the 26 GHz band: Agnès PANNIER-RUNACHER and Arcep present the first 11 projects selected

  1. Businesses

    Businesses Digital Transformation

    Publication of a practical guide for micro, small and medium enterprises on choosing the right internet, fixed and mobile telephone plan

  2. 5G

    Mobile Networks

    Arcep publishes its guidelines on releasing the 1.5 GHz band

  3. Superfast fixed broadband
  4. Superfast mobile broadband


    Arcep launches a public consultation to obtain an inventory of superfast wireless network projects, prior to releasing 5G frequencies

  5. Figures

    The Telecoms Market in France

    Arcep publishes its 2018 scorecard: operators answered Arcep’s call to invest once again last year

  6. 5G


    Arcep publishes a draft decision for consultation on synchronising 3.4 – 3.8 GHz band networks to ensure their coexistence

  7. Businesses

    Businesses' Digital Transformation

    Vertical market connectivity: Arcep creates a window for allocating 2.6 GHz TDD band frequencies

  8. International

    Regulating Tech

    Arcep Chair, Sébastien Soriano, taking part in Franco-Asian debates on regulating Big Tech, hosted by the Institut Français

  9. Fixed telephony

    Numbering plan

    Relax geographical restrictions attached to numbers starting with 01 to 05, and increase user protection: Arcep publishes a draft decision for public consultation

  10. Data-driven regulation

    Data-driven regulation

    Arcep publishes a draft decision for public consultation on an API to be installed in operators’ boxes to improve the ability to measure fixed internet QoS

  11. DTT

    Audiovisual and DTT Broadcasting

    Regulation of TDF will continue until the end of 2020

  12. Superfast mobile broadband

    Businesses Digital Transformation

    Connectivity for vertical industries: Arcep announces the creation of a window for allocating 2.6 GHz TDD band spectrum

  13. Connected Areas

    Smart Territories

    At its annual “Smart Territories” conference, Arcep delivers a progress report on its digital regional development work

  14. Optical fibre

    Optical Fibre and 4G

    Progress report on fixed and mobile connectivity in France: three Arcep publications to coincide with the Prime Minister’s trip to the Gers.

  15. Arcep


    The President of France appoints François Lions to the Arcep Executive Board