Print media distribution

Print media dsitribution

Consultation with the print media distribution sector: Arcep lays the groundwork for an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders

On 21 November of last year, after a first meeting with sector players in its offices, Arcep announced its desire to build regulation based on consultation with the sector. Today, it is presenting its method for doing so, which will be based on:

  • A committee composed of print media distribution professionals, attended by the Arcep Executive Board;
  • Hearings with the Arcep Executive Board;
  • And working groups on ad hoc topics, chaired by Arcep departments.

Creation of a committee moderated by the Arcep Chair: the Print media distribution Consultation Committee (CoCoDiP)

Today, Arcep is publishing Decision No. 2020-0180 establishing the creation of the Print media distribution Consultation Committee (CoCoDiP). This Decision sets out the committee’s rules of operation and composition, using the Interconnection and Access Committee that was created for the telecoms sector as its template. Members will include people from publisher trade associations, print media distribution companies and retailer associations. The purpose of this committee is to enable the sector to share its initiatives with the regulator, and for the regulator to maintain an ongoing dialogue about its actions.

Moderated by the Arcep Chair, the CoCoDiP will meet for the first time on Thursday, 26 March 2020, then at least once every six months.

An Authority listening to the sector: the Arcep Executive Board has begun a series of hearings with more than 15 print media distribution players, to work together on building its medium-term outlook

To be able to work in concert on building the medium-term outlook for print media distribution regulation, Arcep wanted to meet with every link along the sector’s chain, to understand their point of view and identify those topics that should become priorities for the regulator. To this end, a series of hearings with publisher trade associations, representatives of print media distribution company personnel, print media distribution companies and retailers began in January and will continue until March.

Any stakeholder wanting to help enrich this dialogue over the medium-term outlook for the regulation of print media distribution is invited to send their contribution to the following address: distribution-presse[a]

Creation of a working group to share the progress being made on inter-professional negotiations on assortment: the Assortment monitoring committee

A little over two months before the deadline set by the Law on the modernisation of print media distribution, on Thursday 13 February 2020 Arcep will be hosting the first meeting of the Assortment monitoring committee, to enable the sector’s stakeholders to present, discover and react to the projects and contributions that some of the players have worked on thus far. Arcep hopes that this will prove a useful contribution to this inter-professional negotiation process.


Today Arcep is also publishing two opinions on the technical, pricing and contractual terms and conditions of firms MLP and Presstalis. This publication is the subject of a separate press release.