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Regiocom is chosen to operate a nationwide network

Paris, 5 June 1998

The French Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ART) has chosen Régiocom to operate a nationwide digital mobile radio network for business users in Fran

  • Selection following a call for tender

Régiocom was chosen following a call for tender, launched on 2 July 1997. ART received three bids - from Aéroports de Paris (ADP) and its subsidiary SERTA, from Régie autonome des transports parisiens (RATP), and from Régiocom. These operators are all licensed to operate analogue networks.

The bids from the ADP/SERTA and the RATP, which proposed only regional network coverage, were not selected. However, these companies have agreed to sign partnership agreements with Régiocom.

  • A digital mobile radio system based on the TETRA standard

As specified in its proposal, the new operator will establish a nationwide network based on the European standard, TETRA.

The introduction of these digital mobile radio systems in France should enable users' needs to be met more effectively, particularly for services required by business

  • Contributing to the competitiveness of the national economy

There are over 600,000 terminals connected to corporate mobile radio networks in France today. Over 100,000 of these are connected to analogue trunked networks operated by SOGERA (subsidary of France Télécom), S3RP (subsidiary of the Bouygues group), Régiocom and ADP/SERTA. These networks are used by companies seeking an alternative to mobile radio telephone networks.

ART's decision guarantees France's entry into the fast-growing European market of corporate radiocommunications - where there are already 1.2 million terminals of this type in use in Germany and over 850,000 in the United Kingdom.

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