1. Superfast mobile broadband


    Arcep extends the life of the superfast wireless window, and finalises the 3.4 3.8 GHz band’s rearrangement to release frequencies for 5G

  2. Postal sector

    Universal Postal Service

    2020 prices: Arcep publishes its opinion on universal postal service prices for 2020

  3. Uses


    Telephone service accessibility for people who are deaf, hearing impaired, deaf-blind or aphasic: Arcep publishes its scorecard for Q1 2019

  4. Numbering

    Numbering plan

    Relaxed geographical restrictions attached to numbers starting with 01 to 05, and increased user protection: Arcep adopts a decision to amend the national numbering plan

  5. Frequencies


    Allocation of 3.4 - 3.8 GHz band frequencies: Arcep publishes its allocation procedure and applicant obligations for public consultation

  6. Superfast fixed broadband

    Fixed Market Regulation

    Arcep delivers a scorecard on broadband and superfast broadband in France, and opens the door to possible regulatory changes for 2020 – 2023, in preparation for fixed market analyses.

  7. Arcep

    Annual Report

    Arcep publishes its annual report and delivers a progress report on its strategic roadmap

  8. Data-driven regulation

    Cooperation between Regulators

    Height regulators publish the fruit of their common approach to data-driven regulation

  9. Digital

    Future Networks

    “Connectivity issues and challenges: the smart regions example” and “Dynamic spectrum management”: Arcep publishes two new briefs as part of its ongoing cycle of inquiry into future networks

  10. Open internet

    Open Internet

    Arcep delivers a complete health check on the Internet in France in a report submitted to Parliament

  11. Businesses

    Businesses Digital Transformation

    Publication of a practical guide for micro, small and medium enterprises on choosing the right internet, fixed and mobile telephone plan

  12. 5G

    Mobile Networks

    Arcep publishes its guidelines on releasing the 1.5 GHz band

  13. Superfast fixed broadband
  14. Superfast mobile broadband


    Arcep launches a public consultation to obtain an inventory of superfast wireless network projects, prior to releasing 5G frequencies

  15. Figures

    The Telecoms Market in France

    Arcep publishes its 2018 scorecard: operators answered Arcep’s call to invest once again last year