Newswire and Press Releases

  1. Print media distribution

    Print Media Distribution

    Arcep sets the equalisation amount between press companies for 2021

  2. 5G


    Arcep specifies the rules enabling the coexistence of 5G networks and fixed satellite services in Metropolitan France (3.4 – 3.8 GHz and 3.8 – 4.2 GHz bands)

  3. Figures

    Broadband and Superfast Broadband Market

    Most broadband subscriptions in France are now to a fibre service

  4. Networks

    Mobile Network Sharing

    Roaming agreement between Free Mobile and Orange extended to 2025: Arcep informs the sector and examines the contractual amendment

  5. Numbering

    Numbering Plan

    User protection, changing behaviours and innovation, efficient number management: Arcep adopts a decision amending the national numbering plan

  6. Figures

    Arcep publishes the 2nd quarter results of its mobiles services market observatory

    The annual increase in the number of SIM cards has remained at a high level of around 2.3 million for the past year.

    In mainland France, the growth in the number of SIM cards with business customers contributes more than 25% to the increase in the total number of SIM cards. The acquisitions of virtual operators during the quarter led to a drop in market share (6.7% compared to almost 8.3% the previous quarter) for these players. Overseas, the number of SIM cards stabilized, after three quarters of strong growth, at 2.7 million as of June 30, 2022.

  7. Networks

    Copper Network Switchoff

    Arcep publishes the responses to the public consultation on the Orange copper network switchoff plan

  8. Environment


    Arcep launches a public consultation on its draft decision to enhance its “Achieving digital sustainability” survey

  9. Optical fibre

    Optical Fibre

    Optical fibre network quality: Arcep publishes a new version of the common technical specifications for installing FttH networks outside very high-density areas, produced by the Fibre experts committee

  10. Postal sector

    Universal Postal Service

    Arcep publishes its opinion on the planned La Poste product lines for 2023

  11. Networks

    Optical Fibre

    FttH network access and the non-discrimination principle: Arcep presents its first assessment of the Altice France/SFR group’s operational processes

  12. Arcep

    Annual Report

    Arcep publishes its annual report

  13. Market analysis

    Fixed Market Regulation

    Arcep delivers a scorecard of the broadband and superfast broadband market in France, and consults with the sector on future changes to its regulation, in preparation for fixed market analyses for the 2023 – 2028 period

  14. Digital

    Open Internet

    Arcep publishes the 2022 edition of its Report on the State of the Internet in France

  15. Frequencies

    French Overseas Territories

    Mobile networks in the French Antilles and in Guiana: The Conseil d'État puts an end to the Outremer Telecom appeal against two Arcep Decisions