1. Environment

    The Environment

    The digital environmental footprint in France: ADEME and Arcep submit their first report to the Government

  2. 5G

    The Environment

    5G and networks’ environmental footprint: Arcep engages in new work to inform the debate and identify levers of action

  3. Overseas area

    Frequencies - French Overseas Territories

    Arcep launches a public consultation on the procedures for assigning frequencies in the 700 MHz and 3.4 – 3.8 GHz bands in Guiana

  4. Roaming

    Mobile Network Sharing

    The Conseil d’Etat upholds Arcep’s actions on the roaming agreement between Free Mobile and Orange

  5. Frequencies

    Frequencies - French Overseas Territories

    Frequency awards in Réunion and in Mayotte: results of the principal auctions for 700 MHz band spectrum

  6. Figures

    Broadband and Superfast Broadband Market

    FttH deployment and adoption levelling off at a high rate

  7. Print media distribution

    Print Media Distribution

    Arcep publishes its Opinion on the "inter-professional agreement on assortment and copy cap” rules” for non-political or general news “CPPAP” titles

  8. Overseas area

    Frequencies - French Overseas Territories

    Frequency awards in Mayotte: Results of the constitution process for 10 MHz (paired) blocks of spectrum in the 900 MHz band

  9. Numbering

    Numbering Plan

    Consumer protection, changing uses and innovation, efficient number management: Arcep launches a consultation on a draft decision amending the national numbering plan

  10. Arcep


    Franck Tarrier appointed Arcep’s Director of “Mobile and Innovation”

  11. IPV6

    Transition to IPv6

    Despite real progress, the Barometer of the transition to IPv6 reveals that there is still a long way to go

  12. Print media distribution

    Balanced Distribution

    Arcep publishes a decision on the rules for calculating balanced cost distribution between print media companies

  13. FttH

    Optical Fibre

    Quality of operations and connections on FttH networks: Arcep publishes a status report on the work done with operators and an action plan for their continuation

  14. Quality of service

    Mobile Quality of Service

    Arcep publishes the findings of its 2021 measurement campaign: significant improvement in mobile internet QoS, after a 2020 marked by the public health crisis

  15. Overseas area

    Frequencies – French Overseas Territories

    Frequency awards in Réunion and Mayotte: Results of the tender dossier examination stage