1. IPV6

    Transition To IPv6

    Arcep publishes its annual barometer of the transition to IPv6 and creates a task force to step up the momentum

  2. Big Tech regulation, internet neutrality... 3 questions to Sébastien Soriano, Arcep chair

    Arcep chair Sébastien Soriano answered questions from Adrien Basdevant, lawyer, website Coup Data author (November 13, 2019)

  3. Data-driven regulation

    Data-Driven Regulation

    Arcep adopts a decision aimed at increasing the accuracy of fixed internet QoS measurements by installing an API on boxes

  4. Digital

    Future networks

    “Digital tech’s carbon footprint”: Arcep publishes a new brief as part of its reflection process on future networks

  5. Quality of service

    Mobile Service Quality

    Arcep publishes the findings of its measurement campaign for 2019: strong increase in connection speeds, starting with Orange; Bouygues Telecom largely confirming its second place ranking; SFR making progress; Free improving significantly but still trails well behind.

  6. Optical fibre

    Optical Fibre and co-investment

    The Paris Court of Appeal fully upholds the Arcep decision settling the dispute between Free and Orange over accessing shared FttH networks

  7. Mobile telephony


    5G trial platforms in the 26 GHz band: Agnès PANNIER-RUNACHER and Arcep present the first 11 projects selected

  8. Frequencies

    Overseas Markets

    Arcep launches a public consultation on extending the frequency licences awarded to Orange for the 900 MHz band in Mayotte, and the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands in Reunion

  9. Arcep


    The President of the National Assembly appoints Maya Bacache to the Arcep Board

  10. Mobile telephony


    Arcep invites European telecoms regulators to provide feedback on its plans for allocating spectrum in the 3.5 band in France, in an unprecedented “peer reviewed” format

  11. Superfast fixed broadband
  12. “Regulators are assigning spectrum without any EU convergence”

    PolicyTracker has interviewed Sébastien Soriano, head of French regulator Arcep (22 August 2019)

  13. Superfast mobile broadband


    Arcep extends the life of the superfast wireless window, and finalises the 3.4 3.8 GHz band’s rearrangement to release frequencies for 5G

  14. Postal sector

    Universal Postal Service

    2020 prices: Arcep publishes its opinion on universal postal service prices for 2020