1. Market analysis

    Business Market

    Arcep delivers a scorecard of the fixed telephone market for businesses in France, and opens the way to possible regulatory changes for 2021 – 2026, in preparation for its analysis of fixed telephone markets for businesses

  2. Arcep

    Annual Report

    Arcep publishes its annual report

  3. Postal sector

    Universal Postal Service

    2021 prices: Arcep publishes its opinion on pricing for the universal postal service in 2021

  4. Market analysis

    Fixed Market Regulation

    Arcep submits its draft regulatory amendments for 2021 – 2023 to the Competition Authority for an opinion, in preparation for fixed market analyses

  5. Internet

    Open Internet

    Arcep publishes its fourth report on the State of the Internet in France

  6. Figures

    The Telecom Market in France

    Another year of record investment from the sector, driven by fibre

  7. Overseas area

    Mobile Network Sharing

    Signature of a mobile network sharing agreement between Digicel and Free Caraïbe in the Antilles and in Guiana: Arcep examines and contract and issues a request for comments from the sector

  8. Mobile telephony


    A deployment framework to take the different national imperatives into account

  9. Environment

    Networks and the Environment

    “Achieving digital sustainability”

    Arcep launches a collaboration platform and calls on stakeholders to contribute to the dialogue and help draft the first co-authored report

  10. Figures

    Broadband and Superfast Broadband Market

    Tremendous progression in FttH rollouts and take-up in Q1 2020

  11. Regulation

    Broadcasting and DTT

    Upgrading the DTT platform: Arcep submits its opinion to CSA

  12. Mobile telephony

    Business Market

    Arcep issues a call for expressions of interest, to bolster the development of multi-network mobile plans geared to the specific needs of businesses and public sector players

  13. Print media distribution

    Print Media Distribution

    Arcep lifts the freeze on termination notices for Presstalis client publisher groups whose cover price sales in 2019 were below 5 million euros

  14. Postal sector

    Universal Postal Service

    Arcep publishes the opinion submitted to the Government on La Poste organisational changes affecting the universal postal service during the current health crisis

  15. Environment

    Cooperation between Regulators

    Eight French regulators publish a working paper on their role and tools in the face of climate change