1. Connected Areas

    Regional Digital Development

    Arcep holds its annual “Connected Territories” conference, and delivers a status report on fixed and mobile connectivity in France

  2. Superfast fixed broadband

    Regional Digital Development

    Arcep launches a complete version of its fixed internet search engine: “Ma connexion internet”

  3. Overseas area

    Mobile Quality of Service

    Arcep publishes the findings of its 2020 QoS measurement campaign in France’s overseas territories

  4. Mobile telephony

    Mobile Quality of Service

    Arcep enhances its publications on mobile quality of service in Metropolitan France

  5. Figures

    Broadband and Superfast Broadband Market

    Unparalleled progression in FttH subscription numbers and rollouts in Q4 2020, capping off a record year

  6. Print media distribution

    Print Media Distribution

    Arcep publishes its opinion on the new technical, pricing and contractual terms and conditions being proposed by France Messagerie for 2021

  7. Speech

    Arcep’s wishes for 2021: New Year’s message from Arcep Chair, Laure de La Raudière

    « I am truly delighted at the thought of working with you all, in my new capacity of Arcep Chair. Please know that I will listen, I will be available and I will be committed to working for the common good, in accordance with the framework set by the Government and the legislator, in a fully independent manner. »

  8. Arcep


    Laure de la Raudière is appointed as the new Chair of the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications, Postal Affairs and Print Media Distribution

  9. Arcep


    The President of the National Assembly appoints Maya Bacache to the Arcep Executive Board

  10. FttH

    Optical Fibre

    In settling a dispute filed by Free, Arcep details the rules governing access to the networks operated by SFR FTTH under a fibre co-financing scheme between these two operators

  11. Net neutrality

    Open Internet

    Arcep launches a new version of the Wehe application, to detect internet traffic throttling and port blocking

  12. Overseas area

    Mobile Network Sharing

    Signature of a mobile network sharing agreement between Digicel and Free Caraïbe in the Antilles and in Guiana: Arcep has received an amendment and continues its examination, taking this new element into account

  13. Overseas area

    Frequencies - French Overseas Territories

    Arcep launches a public consultation on the procedure for awarding 700 MHz and 3.4 – 3.8 GHz band frequencies in Reunion and 700 MHz and 900 MHz band frequencies in Mayotte

  14. Print media distribution

    Print Media Distribution

    Arcep launches two public consultations: one on assortment rules and the other on balanced cost distribution between print media enterprises

  15. Speech