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  2. Paris

    2019 Edition of the Digital Market Barometer

    What did French people’s digital behaviour look like in 2019? What fixed and mobile devices did they use the most? How do they connect to the internet? What are the most popular applications? But also what problems are they encountering when using digital tools? Like every year, Arcep, France’s High Council for Economy, Industry, Energy and Technology (CGE) and the French Digital Agency will be publishing the 2019 edition of the Digital Market Barometer on 27 November. Equipment, connections and usage: taking the pulse of our society in a world of changing technology. Visit our website on the day for all of the findings of this 19th edition of the Barometer, produced by Credoc on the three partners’ behalf.

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  2. Lyon

    Commission numérique de l’Assemblée des communautés de France (AdCF)

    Arcep Executive Board member, François Lions, will be taking part in the Assembly of French Communities' Digital Committee: the 16th annual Forum of the Interconnected. It will deliver a snapshot of fixed and mobile connectivity in France, and Arcep's role in this area.

  3. Toulouse

    #Infra4Dev Conference

    Sébastien Soriano will be speaking at the inaugural edition of this conference organised by the World Bank and the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE), on the topic: "Infrastructure in the Digital Era - How Should Regulation Adapt?." He will take to the stage at 1:00 pm, delivering the closing keynote for the session on platform regulation.

  4. From to

    ECTA Conference

    Arcep Executive Board member, Emmanuel Gabla, will be taking part in the ECTA annual conference. He will be on stage from 11:40 to 1:00 for the session devoted to regulating platforms: "Online Platforms and Electronic Commerce: The New Regulatory Frontier?"

  5. From to

    BEREC plenary meeting

    Arcep Executive Board member, Emmanuel Gabla, will represent Arcep at the 41st plenary meeting of the European Body of Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC), alongside Anne Lenfant, Arcep's Director of International Affairs.

  6. Paris

    MMA - Mobile marketing Forum

    After a year of frenetic growth, mobile phones are now users' main digital screen. This revolution puts them at the heart of every key issue, starting with regulation. "How to regulate Big Tech?": Sébastien Soriano will answer this question at the Mobile Marketing Forum 2019.

  7. From to

    DG Connect Annual Conference

    Arcep Executive Board member, Emmanuel Gabla, will be talking about 5G at the DG Connect Annual Conference, as part of the roundtable: "5G Highways: is Europe in the front lane?"

  8. Bruxelles

    UNI Global Union Amazon Symposium

    Arcep Executive Board member, Maya Bacache, will be taking part in the Amazon Symposium being hosted by Switzerland-based UNI Global Union, which fights for the rights of more 20 million workers around the globe, and by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). She will be delivering a talk at 3:30 pm on "Regulating platforms/devices/data".

  9. Toulouse

    Forum Entreprises 2019 de la Toulouse School of Economics

    Adrien Haidar, Arcep policy officer and Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) Alumnus, will be participating in the TSE's 2019 Enterprise Forum, on 29 November, to talk with students about job opportunities at Arcep. Join him at the Arcep stand, and for a 20-minute pitch on regulation in action!

  10. Paris

    Tech in France Conference

    This conference being hosted by Tech in France - which brings together tech industry companies who are creating tomorrow's digital solutions, and the firm Samman - will discuss the central topic: "New digital regulation: how to make Europe a competitive space for innovation". Arcep Chair, Sébastien Soriano, will be delivering a keynote for the first roundtable (9:15-10): "Should we tailor competition regulation to the tech industry?"

  11. From to

    Internet Governance Forum 2019 (IGF 2019)

    The Internet Governance Forum's 14th annual gathering will be taking place in Berlin, with Sébastien Soriano and Arcep Board member, Serge Abiteboul, in attendance. The Arcep Chair will be taking part in a roundtable at 11:30 on 27 November: "Public Interest Data: Where Are We? To Do What?" He will be talking about Arcep's data-driven approach to regulation. His mantra: harness the power of information to steer the market in the right direction.

  12. From to

    Public innovation week

    Public innovation week will be taking place in late November at the Transformation publique, a new locale dedicated to public innovation that opened in early October (77 avenue de Segur, 75015 Paris). Sébastien Soriano will be on hand to talk about Arcep's managerial transformation. He will present the strategic review carried out in 2015 and the ensuing transformation, using "open government" structures as its blueprint.