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5G Deployments

Consult the Arcep observatory of 5G and 4G+ commercial deployments, to keep local authorities and citizens apprised of the arrival of 5G in their area

There are now 2,838 commercially ready 5G sites in the 3.5 GHz band, compared to around 2,000 on 28 February 2021, which suggests steady progress in the number of commercially ready sites in the 3.5 GHz band, in the first months of 2021. If we include all of the frequency bands used to supply 5G services (3.5 GHz, 2100 MHz et 700 MHz), there are close to 13,000 5G-ready sites in France today.

The Arcep Observatory contains information on the number of each operator’s commercially ready sites – in other words sites providing a service to a consumer with a SIM card from that operator and a compatible device – broken down by frequency band, along with maps of these sites. These statistics and maps are also available for each of the regions.

Arcep also encourages consumers to consult operators’ coverage maps for more information on the areas where services will actually be available, and the level of service provided in each of these locations.

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