35 players submit applications in the selection procedure for the issue of WLL-Wimax frequency use authorisations

Paris, 8 February 2006

In accordance with the application procedure notice published on 6 August 2005 and following ARCEP’s observation of frequency rarity, published on 10 January 2006, ARCEP received players, between 25 January and 1st February 2006 at 12.00 pm, which submitted their applications for the issue of authorisations for the use of wireless local loop frequencies available in the 3.4-3.6 GHz band.

In all, 35 players submitted applications:

  • 6 players submitted applications for more than 18 Metropolitan regions (of which one also submitted an application for Guyana and for Mayotte)
  • 4 players submitted applications for more than five Metropolitan regions
  • 18 players submitted an application for one Metropolitan region
  • 7 players submitted applications for only Guyana and/or Mayotte

This publication does not prejudice the analysis of the qualification of the applications submitted.