40 responses to the consultation and summary of "The digital barbarians are at the gate!" conference proceedings

Paris, 15 December 2015

Publication of responses to the consultation on ARCEP's strategic review

Launched in 24 June of this year, ARCEP's strategic review is now in its final stage: drafting and adopting a strategic roadmap for 2015 - 2020 that will be presented on 19 January 2016 at ARCEP's annual New Year's ceremony.

After a period of in-house exploration that ran from July to October, a public consultation was held from 13 November to 4 December to open the debates up to the entire ecosystem.

Today, ARCEP is publishing the 34 responses from institutions and the four individual responses it received. Some participants, and particularly the main telecom carriers, asked that trade secrets be removed from their responses which will therefore be published at a later date.


Summary of the "Digital barbarians are at the gate!" conference

ARCEP is also publishing a summary of the proceedings of the conference that it co-hosted with The Family on 5 November, titled "Les barbares attaquent la régulation!" (The digital barbarians are at the gate!). These debates allowed ARCEP to expand the field of discussion on the ways that new digital entrepreneurs are putting pressure on the current boundaries of regulation, and ways to respond to these new issues and challenges. In his talk, The Family founder, Nicolas Colin, opened up new avenues of thought by exploring emerging topics, such as collaborative platforms and Open Data, and novel regulatory practices, such as introducing a right to experiment. This keynote was followed by a debate between regulators, with a panel that included Anne Yvrande-Billon, Vice-president of ARAFER, France's Rail and Road regulatory authority, Jean-Claude Huyssen, Director of France's Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority's (ACPR) Authorisation, Licensing and Regulation Directorate, Daniel Gordon, Senior director of the CMA (Competition and market authority, UK) and Yann Marteil, CEO of Via ID, and member of the Board of the MOBIVIA Groupe.