5G: Arcep publishes a report to share its understanding of the Issues and challenges at hand

Paris, 21 March 2017

Today Arcep is publishing a report on the fifth generation of mobile telephony, which is currently in the process of being defined. At a time of tremendously fast-paced industrial, commercial and policy-related developments around 5G, this document seeks to provide an objective and as exhaustive as possible view of the many projects that are underway. It is the fruit of interviews and research conducted by Arcep departments in the second half of 2016. By sharing its understanding of the issues and challenges at hand, Arcep is seeking to involve all of the stakeholders taking part in this still fledgling work, before any decisions are made by the Government or the Authority.

Ultra-connectivity, new applications: 5G aimed equally at the healthcare, energy, media and transportation sectors

In its report, Arcep delivers a detailed snapshot of the technologies being developed which could enable the jump in performance being promised by new 5G networks.

It also details a number of 5G development initiatives that are underway in Europe and around the globe.

Lastly, it provides a preliminary inventory of the many challenges that await 5G rollouts in the coming years: definition of a common standard, achieving the expected performance levels, rollout schemes, net neutrality, etc.

An open approach: stakeholders help to inform Arcep's investigation into 5G

Arcep thanks all of the entities that agreed to take part in this process, and which helped flesh out regulator's investigation into the development of 4G's successor. Arcep is dedicated to sustaining an ongoing dialogue with this still nascent market, and invites all interested parties to provide information on the matter, and to share their reactions to this report by contacting Arcep's Mobile and Innovation department at the following address: 5G[a]arcep.fr.

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The Arcep report (pdf - 2.08 Mo) (in English)