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A new department head at ART

Paris, 1st September 2004

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Bernard Messias is a magistrate judge in the civil system and took over his new role as head of the legal department at ART on 1st September. He is replacing Elisabeth Rolin who has been named advisor to the Director General of the regulatory authority, Agence nationale de réglementation des télécommunications (ANRT), in Morocco.

Bernard Messias has earned three Master's degrees in law, political science and history, as well as two graduate degrees (DEA - diplôme d'études appliquées) in law history and political science, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Italian. He graduated at the tope of his class from the Ecole Nationale des Douanes and began his career as a customs inspector at Direction Nationale des Enquêtes Douanières.

In 1988, he passed the exam at the Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature and became an investigating judge first in Saint Dié (Vosges), then Strasbourg.

In 1997, Bernard Messias was promoted advisor to the Court of Appeal of Rouen where, for more than four years, he presided the appeals courts of the Seine-Maritime and Eure départements. In 2001, he joined the public prosecutor's office of the same court of appeal where he was responsible for reglemented professions (notaries, lawyers, bailiffs, etc.), the professional conduct of experts and all civil cases. He is also a magistrate delegated to Town and Country Development. He then became responsible for the economic, financial and social department.

Bernard Messias is also correspondent for the Court of Appeal of Rouen and of the European Judicial Network in civil and commercial matters (RJECC).