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A new department head at ART

28 September 2000

Gilles Crespin has just begun his new job as head of the "Operators and Resources" (SOR) department at Autorité de régulation des telecommunications (ART).

He replaces Jean-Claude Jeanneret, who was recently named assistant director of Transmissions and Computing at the Ministry of the Interior.

  • Gilles Crespin is 42 years old. He has been administrator of post and telecommunications, holds a DEA graduate degree in money-banking-finance from University of Paris I (Sorbonne), and has worked at the Public Service Division at the Ministry of PTT, then in the International Affairs Department at the Post and Telecommunications Division of the Ministry of Industry.

In 1997, he was named to ART as head of the "Mobile Operators" unit, and assistant to the "Licenses and Interconnection" department director. As such, he co-ordinated the preparation of the application procedure for the introduction of third-generation mobile systems.

  • The "Operators and Resources" department is responsible for relations with telecommunications operators and for managing rare resources. In doing so, it examines applications for licenses for public and independent telecoms networks, it schedules, manages and allocates frequency resources, establishes and manages the numbering plan, monitors operator activities as well as ensures that obligations are fulfilled.
  • The department is divided into five units:
    - the "Mobile operators" unit managed by Jérome Rousseau
    - the "Fixed operators" unit managed by Caroline Mischler
    - the "Corporate and municipal networks" unit managed by Jean-Paul Guerin
    - the "Frequencies" unit managed by Axelle Camus
    - the "Numbering" unit managed by Jacques Louesdon
  • Autorité de régulation des télécommunications
  • (ART) was formed on 5 January 1997 and has 144 employees. It has a total budget of FRF 92 million defined by the finance law: FRF 48.7 million for personnel and FRF 43.3 million for operating expenses.

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