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Mobile service coverage and quality

Assessing mobile connectivity in the regions: Arcep publishes its measurement protocols

Paris, 20 Septembre 2018

Today Arcep is publishing an instructional guide that details the measurement protocols employed during the field campaigns for measuring mobile service coverage and quality that were conducted under its supervision.

Measuring mobile service coverage and quality  

Arcep employs several methods to measure the coverage and quality of mobile services, which are detailed in the guide being published today. These measurement protocols have been established based on the ways that networks are actually used, to better reflect users’ quality of experience and perceptions. These robust and time-tested methods continue to evolve to keep pace with requirements, and make it possible to obtain nationwide comparisons of the different measurements. A great many municipalities use them, notably for their local analyses. In publishing this guide, Arcep is expanding its commitment to transparency on the data it gathers – which are currently available as open data files – and on the methods used to obtain these measurements.

Contributing to the success of the New Deal for Mobile, and its targeted coverage mechanism

The New Deal for Mobile increased the role that local authorities play in analysing local mobile connectivity needs, and includes a targeted coverage provision. Arcep is thus keen to support this initiative by providing all local connectivity stakeholders with a common set of methods and protocols.
Arcep’s teams are available to any parties interested in learning more about these protocols, and how they can be reused. A dedicated e-mail address has been created to receive and answer their questions:

Evaluating regional mobile connectivity: Arcep’s toolkit

The instructional guide on the protocols that Arcep employs for field measurement campaigns (pdf - 886 Ko) (in French)
Arcep’s map tool:
New Deal scorecard:
All the data are available as open data files:
Arcep’s user reporting platform:
Report on the State of the Internet in France, 2018