Communiqué de presse - Arcep


Anne Laurent appointed Arcep's Director of Mobile and Innovation

Anne Laurent has been appointed Director of Mobile and Innovation. She comes to replace Rémi Stéfanini who has joined the Directorate General for Enterprise (DGE), as Deputy director of Standardisation, Regulation, Products and Metrology.

A graduate of the École Polytechnique et de Telecom ParisTech, Chief Engineer and graduate of the École des Mines, Anne Laurent began her career in 2005 as “Telecoms and audiovisual regulation” policy officer for the Ministry of Economy and Finance, at the Directorate General for Enterprise. In this capacity, she contributed to securing the assignment of a portion of the frequencies freed up by the end of analogue TV broadcasting to telecoms, and oversaw the implementation of the first action plan to develop broadband. In 2008, she headed up a new team devoted to the uses of digital technology. She introduced new actions in support of innovative digital applications and start-ups, and drafted the government report on net neutrality.

In 2010, she joined the cabinet of Ms Kosciusko-Morizet, then Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing, to oversee actions for the development of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, and to prepare for climate negotiations.

She re-joined the Directorate General for Enterprise in 2012, where she became Cabinet director for the Director-General, and later Deputy Director for Europe and International Affairs – thereby expanding her expertise to include all of the issues surrounding business competitiveness and innovation – before coming to join Arcep.