ARCEP 360°

Arcep's new institutional website is opening wide, to reveal every facet of regulation

Paris, 10 September 2018

Arcep continues to implement the strategic roadmap it published in 2016, and has expanded its 360° remodel to include its website. The new website will eventually include all of the content that was available on the previous site, whose wealth of information was greatly appreciated. But the new site will also have a fresh perspective that reflects Arcep’s desire to adopt a service-based approach, and to reach out to new groups of stakeholders to sustain its data-driven regulation.

In addition to its traditional interlocutors, i.e. telecoms and postal operators, the site also targets audiences that are less familiar with regulation, but which are nevertheless vital to enabling Arcep to carry out its duties.

  • Start-ups and innovators: Arcep provides them with support, satisfies their frequency and numbering needs, and has designed a regulatory sandbox for them, as part of its pro-innovation approach to regulation.
  • Businesses, as consumers of superfast fixed and mobile networks: Arcep has made small and medium enterprises’ digital transformation one of its top priorities.
  • Consumers: to ensure transparency on all of its actions, Arcep has made its work and topics of focus accessible to the public. And, to be able to benefit from users’ experience to further its data-driven regulation, it is promoting a set of mechanisms and services designed for users. This builds directly on the applications that were made available online in late 2017: “J'alerte l'Arcep”, where users can report issues they are having with their operator, and “Mon réseau mobile” (My mobile network) which allows them to compare mobile network performance in their area. These tools give the crowd, i.e. users, the power to steer the market in the right direction.

Transparent supply of information, open data and a partner-centric approach: a new tool for furthering data-driven regulation

As part of its regulatory duties, Arcep collects data from fixed, mobile and postal operators. It also produces large quantities of data on France’s telecoms market. The new institutional website will give greater visibility to these figures, through regular facts and figures publications, as well as interactive map tools and open data that must be able to be reused by third parties. The call for partnership proposals that Arcep issued in 2016 remains open.

The fruit of a dialogue between the Arcep Board, its teams and outside parties, the site’s content will continue to be enhanced

After a period of interviews and workshops to map out the new site’s crucial elements, its design and development were completed over the course of seven months. Users are invited to provide feedback and suggestions for improving this beta version, and all of the content from the old site can still be accessed at:

Following its own recommendations, Arcep’s new site is hosted in IPv6.