ARCEP adopts its decision regarding the capacity services markets for businesses following approval by the European Commission

Paris, 9 October 2006 

This decision establishes:

  • An easing of regulation on the retail leased lines market, with the elimination of the price approval mechanism

  • The implementation of a framework encouraging investment by the incumbent operators and alternative operators in fibre optic networks to businesses’ premises

  • The means of monitoring the fairness of competition between operators on the wholesale and retail markets, especially as concerns replicability

  • France Telecom will publish a reference offer describing the products sold on the intermediate market of the trunk terminating segments, the trunk segment and for submarine cables between Metropolitan France and its overseas départements.

The new regulatory framework will be revised in autumn 2009 at the latest; it may be revised earlier if justified by major changes on the market.

After receiving the approval of the European Commission, ARCEP is adopting its market analysis decision for capacity services to businesses, on the retail market for end customers and on the intermediate market between operators.

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