ARCEP and CETE de l'Ouest publish an updated version of the network information handbook for local authorities

Paris, 8 November 2012

Article L. 33-7 of the French Postal and electronic communications code (CPCE), derived from the Economy Modernisation (or LME) Act of 4 August 2008, introduced the principle of giving local authorities, their collective bodies and the State the right to obtain information from electronic communications infrastructure managers and operators on the location and deployment of network infrastructure in their area.

Work performed this year has made it possible to finalise the regulatory framework governing network information. Decree No. 2012-513 of 18 April 2012, along with an order issued on that same date, serve to complete the regulatory scheme by detailing the system to be used to communicate this information.

As a result, ARCEP and the centre for technical design and planning, CETE de l'Ouest, have published an updated version of the network information handbook. The purpose of this practical guide for local authorities is, first, to explain the system in place for gathering information from operators deploying their electronic communications networks in the local authority's area and, second, to devise best practices for better organising requests (request structure and prioritisation). The handbook also contains an additional section on national coverage rates for electronic communications service.

Local authorities need to have proper knowledge of the electronic communications service networks deployed in their area to be able to then define their digital development strategies. The data collected for this purpose are thus vital when drafting a digital regional development blueprint, as stated in Article L. 1425-2 of France's Local and regional collectivity code (CGCT).

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