Communiqué de presse - Internet of Things

Arcep and its partners publish a White Paper to prepare for the Internet of Things revolution, to encourage innovation and self-regulation

On the occasion of the conference Invent a pro-innovation regulation.

Paris, 8 November 2016

Identified as one of the priority areas of focus during Arcep's strategic review, the Internet of Things is at the crossroads of issues that involve a considerable number of public sector players: public safety and homeland security, rights and freedoms, regional development, competitiveness… Working in tandem with France's Directorate-General for Enterprise, (DGE), the National Frequency Agency (ANFR), the National Network and Information Security Agency (ANSII), French data protection authority CNIL, France Stratégie, and the Directorate-General for Planning, Housing and Land Management (DGALN), Arcep initiated a series of projects to lay the groundwork for this revolution.

As one of the stages in the process, Arcep hosted a conference yesterday morning on the topic of "The Internet of Things: inventing innovation-friendly regulation". Speakers discussed the five main areas of focus for public action plans: connectivity, scarce resources, openness, trust and support. The complete proceedings are available for viewing, in French and English, on the dedicated website.

To coincide with this event, Arcep is publishing a White Paper composed of two documents:

- Mapping out the challenges of the IoT revolution, produced in partnership with fellow public sector stakeholders;

- Arcep's own roadmap for inventing innovation-friendly regulation, which includes opening up a "start-ups and trials" office, and creating a portal devoted to unlicensed frequencies.

This White Paper was made possible by contributions from some 60 players, through a round of discussions, a series of workshops and a public consultation on the White Paper's draft version.

Arcep will pursue its dialogue with stakeholders over the course of future thematic workshops.

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• Internet of Things: inventing innovation-friendly regulation - White Paper Executive Summary (pdf - 576 Ko) (in english version)


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