Communiqué de presse

Arcep and the Qosbee app, partners in monitoring mobile operators' QoS

Paris, 17 January 2018

A process open to all crowdsourcing players

Last September, Arcep published its latest mobile coverage maps on the website, and released the data it used as open data. At the same time, it called upon players to appropriate these data and create comparators. A call to which start-up Qosi has been the first to respond, with its Qosbee application.

By mid-2018, data on mobile coverage for voice and SMS services will be incorporated into the Qosbee comparator, which will give users the ability to determine the best mobile operator for them, according to their various locations (home, work, vacation, etc.). Initially, the comparator will continue to use Arcep data on mobile quality of service (QoS). In keeping with the spirit of crowdsourcing, Qosi will also share with Arcep, at no charge, the data it has obtained using its crowdsourcing applications and its own field surveys, to provide the regulator with an increasingly detailed snapshot of the market.

By informing consumers about the quality of mobile networks, this process contributes to Arcep's data-driven regulation endeavour, turning users into mini-regulators, and tapping into the power of crowdsourcing to encourage operators to invest in their infrastructures.

Arcep encourages other players to make use of its open data, and to turn them into something valuable for end users.

Coming up: completing coverage maps on with crowdsourced data?

In future, Arcep wants to develop increased forms of interaction with crowdsourcing players. These ties should help build common understandings of data gathering methodologies, and aim to satisfy demand for high standards, transparency and representativeness. Particularly close attention will be given to correcting collection bias, fraud prevention…

Arcep also wants to explore the opportunities to reuse these players' data in its own work and tools, to increase accuracy and to reflect the user experience as closely as possible.