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ARCEP announces the availability of new 118XYZ numbers as of today 2 November 2005 and the creation of a web site for consumers

Paris, 2nd November 2005 As announced in ARCEP’s decisions which were adopted in January, new directory services which are accessible via numbers with the format 118XYZ, entered into service today.



Existing numbers (12, 712, 222, 612, 3200, 3211 and 3912), which already provided directory services, will remain in activity until 3rd April 2006 at the latest.



To assist users in adopting this new type of number, ARCEP is launching a web site ( which contains all the information consumers need to understand the change. This site contains a list of the numbers which are already available, as well as major services and how much they cost. Not all of the 57 118XYZ numbers allocated by ARCEP since the month of June will be available beginning today, so the market will open to competition progressively over the next few months.



In order to evaluate the consequences of the change in numbering, ARCEP has conducted a quality of service study of the old directory services numbers, with the results to be published in coming weeks. It will also hold a quality study of the new 118XYZ numbers in the next few months.



The entire change was developed in cooperation with operators and users of directory services, in order to simplify the adoption of the new format by users. The directory services market in France represents sales of €300 million per year.


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