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ARCEP authorises Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) applications in the 865-868 MHz band

Paris, 5 October 2006

Radio identification applications are already used in France, but in other frequency bands; the opening of this band to these applications should boost the development of RFID.

  • What are radio frequency identification applications?

RFID technologies offer many opportunities, especially in logistical product tracking, food traceability and access controls. Several experiments held in France in recent years have highlighted the positive impact these applications have in optimising companies’ logistical services, and improving competitiveness in general.Concretely, in RFID, remote readers query (within a range of a few meters) computer chips or "electronic labels" which contain information on the product in which they have been inserted.

  • Their introduction in the 865-868 MHz band

The introduction of RFID applications in this band meets an industry need for a frequency band which is harmonised at the European level, in order to allow the deployment of more efficient identification systems. In response to this need, ARCEP implemented recommendation ERC/REC 70-03 of the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications administrations (ECPT), which defines technical rules in the sector.

In order to prevent interference with military equipment using the same frequency band (the Ministry of Defence is the exclusive operator in this band), power restrictions have been imposed around military camps. So, while users are authorised to use an effective power of 2 watts in the 865.6–867.6 MHz band, the effective power is limited to 500 milliwatts within a radius of 20 kilometres of 13 military camps.

The use of this equipment is free of charge subject to the respect of the technical conditions set out in ARCEP’s decision.

The use of Radio Frequency IDentification applications (RFID) in the 865-868 MHz band has now been authorised in France: the Minister of Industry has just approved the decision taken by ARCEP in July.

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