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ARCEP begins the market analysis process for wholesale mobile voice call termination for Free Mobile, LycaMobile and Oméa Telecom in Metropolitan France.

Paris, 8th September 2011

New players will be entering the wholesale mobile voice call termination market in France between now and early 2012, and will therefore be required to set voice call termination charges for calls to their mobile numbers. These players are Free Mobile, the country's fourth mobile network operator, LycaMobile and Oméa Telecom - both full-MVNOs which are hosted by Bouygues Telecom and SFR, respectively.

This is why ARCEP is launching a public consultation that will begin the cycle of analysis for the wholesale voice call termination market for Free Mobile, LycaMobile and Oméa Telecom in Metropolitan France, which could result in regulation of these markets. This consultation will run until 10th October 2011.

The Authority's draft analysis considers these three new operators to enjoy significant market power (SMP) in their respective markets. In keeping with existing regulation governing mobile call termination for the three mobile network operators in France, ARCEP considers it necessary to impose obligations concerning access, non-discrimination, transparency and tariff supervision.

The details of the tariff obligations that could be imposed have not yet been specified at this stage of initial public consultation. One particular question under discussion, and which respondents are invited to comment on during the consultation, is the proportionality of these obligations.

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