ARCEP calls on operators to transfer their subscriber lists to directory publishers and directory service providers

Paris, 2 December 2005

Subscribers’ right to be listed in directories

All subscribers to telephone services—whether fixed or mobile—have the right to have their telephone number and address appear in directories at no charge, if they wish. They also have the right to restrict the use of their information, or to have additional information included.

Obligations for operators

Operators must inform their subscribers of these rights. They must also provide the personal data of all subscribers, based on the subscribers’ wishes, to all directory publishers and directory service providers requesting them.

On 13 June 2005, following the publication of the universal directory decree, ARCEP publicly asked operators to activate this system within four months.

ARCEP observes a delay in implementation

However, given the elements at its disposal, ARCEP realizes that a number of operators are significantly behind in implementing the system.

ARCEP also notes that the subscriber lists compiled by certain operators—in particular mobile operators—contain only a very small number of entries.

It wonders about the quality of the measures put in place by these operators and whether they are appropriate to the obligations they are required to respect.

ARCEP’s actions

In order to remedy this situation, ARCEP has decided:

  • to launch procedures to order major operators to respect their obligation to transfer their subscriber lists to publishers. Upon completion of this procedure, sanctions may be applied if operators do not fulfil their obligations within a fixed deadline.

  • to put in place a monitoring report measuring the progress of the universal directory. This report will be published on a regular basis until ARCEP considers that the directory products made available to consumers (directory services, on-line and printed directories) are satisfactory.

  • to survey some of the operators which have provided a subscriber list with very few entries. ARCEP hopes the survey will identify any weaknesses in their measures which would prevent subscribers from benefiting from the full extent of their rights.