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ARCEP continues the modernisation of the numbering plan in Mayotte

Paris, 24th July 2006

Today, in cooperation with operators, Autorité de régulation des communications électroniques et des postes (ARCEP) continues the modernisation of Mayotte's numbering plan.

Modernisation became necessary because the current numbering plan used in Mayotte-which uses both 6 and 10-digit numbering-has reached its limits and is holding back the development of new services in this collectivité départementale, as well as making it impossible to easily distinguish between fixed and mobile numbers.

On 23 March, ARCEP defined the first step of modernisation, which will be put in place by 27 September 2006 at the latest. It concerns only how local calls are numbered within Mayotte (switching from six to ten digits), and does not change how calls are made to Mayotte from Metropolitan France, overseas départements or other countries.

Subsequently, a second phase will be needed to include mobile networks which, until now had shared numbering resources with fixed networks. ARCEP recently adopted a decision which defines how this will be done.

This second stage will primarily involve changing the country code used to make international calls to Mayotte beginning 30 March 2007, replacing the current country code it currently shares with the Union des Comores with the "France de l'Océan Indien" country code (262). This will open up the 06 range for mobile numbers.


  • What will change after 30 March 2007

- Calls made from other countries to fixed subscribers in Mayotte will use country code 262 followed by the last nine digits of the current number, as follows: +262 269 61 12 34

- On 30 March 2007, mobile subscribers in Mayotte will be assigned numbers beginning with 0639. For example: 0 639 26 27 28

- Before 28 December 2007, mobile numbers assigned before 30 March 2007 beginning with 0269, will be replaced by a number beginning with 0639 with the same last six digits as the current number. For example: 0 269 65 00 00 will become 0 639 65 00 00

- Calls made from foreign countries to mobile subscribers will be dialled as follows: +262 639 45 46 47.


  • What will not change after 30 March 2007

- Fixed phone subscribers in Mayotte will keep the same ten-digit number they were assigned on 21 April 2006. For example: 0 269 61 12 34- The way in which calls are made to fixed subscribers in Mayotte from Metropolitan France or overseas départements will not change- Special numbers with the format 1X, 11X or 10XX and four-digit short codes (with the format 30XX, 31XX, 32XX, 36XX and 39XX) will not change



  • The decision timetable

1 - Changing the country code
On 30 March 2007 at 11.30 pm local time, the country code E.164 for the collectivité départementale of Mayotte will change from 269 to 262.

2 - Migrating mobiles to 0639
On 30 March 2007, calls under the French numbering plan made to new mobile telephones in Mayotte will be made as follows:

    0 639 PQ MC DU (PQ MC DU = last six digits of the current number)

On 28 December 2007 at 11.30 pm local time, calls within the French numbering plan to all mobile telephones in Mayotte will be made as follows:

    0 639 PQ MC DU (PQ MC DU = last six digits of the current number)

Beginning on the same date, a pre-recorded message will be played for calls made to old mobile numbers with the format 0 269 PQ MC DU.

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