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ARCEP defines a plan of action providing several accesses to frequencies for the provision of high-speed services

Paris, 8 July 2005

As announced in its press release of the 8th of July 2005, ARCEP has adopted decisions proposing a procedure for the delivery of wireless local loop authorisations. It has submitted its proposal to the Minister of Industry. These authorisations might enable the development of networks based on Wimax technology.


This procedure is part of a broader plan of action by which ARCEP provides several accesses to frequencies for the provision of high-speed services.

First, the possibility of subletting or reselling authorisations on a secondary market is fully integrated in the frequency allocation scheme for the 3.4-3.6 GHz band: this enables any society to access wireless local loop frequencies after the initial allocation. This principle of a secondary market is granted by the new legislative framework for electronic communications and by a decree being prepared by the Government.


Frequencies will also be made available in the 3.6-3.8 GHz band. Once available and based on a review of initial allocations and possible new needs for frequencies, ARCEP could launch additional attributionfor WLL frequencies.


Finally, some projects could use the 5470-5725 MHz band which should be opened to wireless access systems by the end of 2005, in addition to bands already opened for wireless LAN/WIFI. This band can be used for wireless equipment respecting the version of the ETSI standard including DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection). This development was made possible through negotiations with the Ministry of Defence.


The entire measure should encourage the development of new wireless solutions, as well as contribute to the development of high-speed services and the development of innovative services in our country.

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