ARCEP defines the content of the message to be played on the old directory services numbers after 3 April 2006 and recommends the playing of an informative message beginning 15 March 2006

Paris, 2nd March 2006

As of 3 April, all the old directory services numbers, i.e. 12, 222, 612, 712, 3200, 3211 and 3912, will no longer provide national directory services. Beginning this date, only numbers with the new 118XYZ format will be used to provide directory services.

For a period of one year, a message will inform consumers dialling the old numbers that directory services are available on numbers with the 118XYZ format. In January 2005, ARCEP defined the principles for the presentation and content of this message. Today, it stipulates the elements which this message must include.

ARCEP’s decision is based on the responses it received to its public consultation launched on 31st January. The responses are published with this press release.

Linked documents

Smiley Autorité de Régulation des communications électroniques et des postes decision n° 06-0259 (pdf - 102 Ko) dated 28 February 2006 defining the content of the message which must be played on directory services numbers other than 118XYZ numbers Smiley Smiley 


Responses received to the public consultation od 31th January 2006

- Consumers Associations : AFUTT - CLCV - CNAFC - CSF - Familles de France - Familles Rurales - INDECOSA CGT1 - Orgeco - UFCS Smiley zip - 564 Ko (zip - 595 Ko) Smiley Smiley 


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- Telecom Operators : Bouygues Télécom - Neuf Cegetel - Orange France - SFR Smiley zip - 405 Ko (zip - 406 Ko) Smiley Smiley