ARCEP delivers its opinion on La Poste's proposed tariff changes.

Paris, 1 March 2012

In compliance with Article L.5-2 of the Postal and Telecommunications Code, La Poste submitted to ARCEP its proposals for changes to tariffs for parcel services coming under the universal service, effective 1 March 2012

On 14 February 2012, after considering the data presented by La Poste, ARCEP delivered an opinion approving tariffs for services in mainland France, and rejecting tariffs for overseas department and international services:

- for overseas department services, La Poste's gross profit margin is still significantly higher than for mainland services; so ARCEP felt it desirable to maintain these tariffs at the same level as this would help to align tariffs for overseas department services better with those for mainland services.

- for international services, ARCEP considered that its substantial gross profit margin enables La Poste to cope with the increased cost expected for 2012 without raising tariffs.

Lastly, the opinion pointed out the desirability of making the on-line franking option available for outward overseas department items, as it already is for outward mainland items.

After noting ARCEP's opinion, La Poste stated its intention to take time to reflect on overseas and international services. It was therefore suspending the introduction of the proposed tariff changes for these two services.