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ARCEP' Forward-planning committee renewed and a third work programme underway

Paris, 6 June 2013

After two work programmes devoted, respectively, to analysing supply and demand mechanisms in the digital technologies sector then to the topic of "regions and the digital economy," ARCEP's Forward-planning committee met this Thursday, 6 June 2013 - thus marking the start of the third work programme since its creation in autumn 2009.

This meeting provided the first opportunity for new committee members to meet and talk. In addition to the ARCEP Executive Board, committee members include:

- Michèle Debonneuil (economist, Inspector-General of Finances),
- Elisabeth Flüry-Hérard (Vice-chairman of the French Competition authority),
- Catherine Lucet (President of publishing house, NATHAN EDITIS),
- Bruno Patino (Managing director of programming, broadcasting and digital development for France Télévisions),
- Guy Roussel (Vice-chairman of the digital services strategic planning committee),
- Bernard Stiegler (founder and President of the Ars Industrialis association, Member of the National digital advisory board),
- Henri Verdier (Director of Etalab, an open government data initiative, operating under the aegis of the Prime Minister; former president of the Cap Digital business hub).

Talks focused on the main sources of disruption and changes at work in the digital ecosystem, which allowed the committee to pinpoint the core issues for their work to focus on in 2013-2014.

This process of reflection will also help fuel preparations for ARCEP's annual conference on 17 October of this year, which will be devoted to prospects for generating and sharing new sources of income in the telecoms market.

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