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ARCEP is pleased with France Telecom’s black fibre offer which meets ARCEP’s wish to see the continued deployment of unbundling

Paris, 7 March 2006

In its unbundling market analysis decision of 19 May 2005, ARCEP observed that the geographic extension of unbundling was slowing. ARCEP considered it necessary to require France Telecom to propose alternative operators a connection offer for remote distribution frames. The decision stated:

"ARCEP invites France Telecom and alternative operators to initiate negotiations in good faith in this direction, regarding both the provision of preliminary information (the availability and location of the resources) and the technical means of handling orders and delivery and the price of a remote site connection offer."

Three multi-lateral meetings were held last autumn and early this year, leading to the drafting of a collection network model and simulations in three test départements. Following this work, France Telecom announced its black fibre rental offer to ARCEP early this week.

France Telecom’s offer will be sold to unbundling operators in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner beginning the middle of March. It allows operators to connect their points of presence to a distribution frame and to connect several distribution frames through chaining. The offer is available in all of France and the DOM, dependent on sufficient availability of fibre in France Telecom’s network. Fibre rental fees vary from €2.90 to €1.40 per linear metre per year, depending on the size of the sites, the length of the rental period and the volume ordered.

ARCEP considers France Telecom’s offer satisfactory given elements currently in its possession. Prices are such that they will allow a significant increase in the number of unbundled distribution frames in addition to the efforts already made by municipalities. In this way, France Telecom’s offer meets the objectives established by the market analysis decision in force.

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