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ARCEP launches a public consultation on a draft decision concerning La Poste filing of regulatory accounts and on guidelines for the Authority's future work on La Poste regulatory accounting.

Paris, 17 January 2012

The Electronic communications and postal regulatory authority (ARCEP) is submitting a draft decision on regulatory accounting to public consultation up to 10 February 2012, pursuant to Article L. 5-2 Para. 6 of the French Postal and electronic communications code.

The purpose oft the decision is to bring changes to the regulatory accounting process defined by ARCEP Decision No. 2007-0443, and which will apply to accounts for 2011 onwards.

This consultation also outlines the regulatory accounting issues on which ARCEP wants to focus its efforts in the coming years. This section of the consultation will allow stakeholders to provide feedback on the directions being proposed.

Responses to this second part of the consultation must reach ARCEP by 2 March 2012. Once this part is complete, ARCEP will outline its future plans in its summary report on the consultation.

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