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ARCEP launches a public consultation on fixed service via satellite

Paris, 2 November 2006

ARCEP is asking players to express their views on the major changes underway on the market for fixed service via satellite.

The market for fixed service via satellite

Fixed service via satellite is defined as a radiocommunications service between given locations on the Earth’s surface using one or more satellites.

The systems using fixed service via satellite may include appropriate solutions to provide electronic communications services as an alternative to land-based technologies, such as telephone services, data transmission services (in particular VSAT – Very Small Aperture Terminal – for business communications) and broadband Internet access services.

The purpose of the public consultation

ARCEP is using this consultation to collect the views of all players concerned, especially in the space sector, on the prospects for the development of fixed service via satellite applications.

This consultation aims to:

    • evaluate demand from players concerning the needs and use of the spectrum for fixed service via satellite applications
    • evaluate sharing conditions, if required, which take into account both frequency resources and player needs


    Players are invited to send their contributions to ARCEP by 1st December 2006 at the latest.

    Linked documents

    Smiley The public consultation is available to download (pdf (pdf - 103 Ko)) Smiley Smiley