ARCEP launches a public consultation on future mobile number needs and on opening the 07 numbering range to mobile services

Paris, 10 November 2008

Under the national numbering plan, 10-digit numbers beginning with 06 are assigned to interpersonal call services to mobile phones. So, it was in this numbering range that mobile telephony services were initially developed. Until now, the 06 range has sufficed to meet numbering needs.

Today, the market’s development has led to huge consumption of resources in the 06 numbering range, making it necessary:

  • to review the use of this range

  • and consider future numbering needs for mobile services, and for machine-machine calls in particular.

This review and examination must allow us to evaluate the need to open additional numbering ranges for mobile call services, and in particular the numbering range beginning with 07, a topic a number of operators have raised recently with ARCEP.

The consultation has four parts. The first reviews the consumption and use of numbers in the 06 range assigned to mobile services. The second aims to collect operators’ impressions on future mobile number needs in both Metropolitan France and in overseas dependencies. The third part asks for players’ analysis of the need to identify additional resources in order to meet future needs and in particular on the timeliness of opening the numbering range beginning with 07. Finally, in the fourth part, ARCEP proposes more precise ways of managing the 06 numbers still available.

Contributions should be sent to ARCEP by 5th December 2008, preferably via e-mail to: ACnumerotation(@)

Paris, 2nd March 2009

ARCEP published the summary of the public consultation and the players contributions :

- The summary (pdf - 461 Ko) (pdf - 461 Ko)

- Players contributions (Aforst, Bouygues Telecom, Iliad, Kertel, Orange, SFR and 3 individuals) (zip - 2.17 Mo) (zip - 2,2 Mo)

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