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ARCEP launches a public consultation on professional mobile radio networks and their future spectrum needs

Paris, 8 October 2012

Professional mobile radio (PMR) networks are systems that are independent from the cellular mobile service, generally local or regional in scale and used for professional purposes such as closed user group or point-to-multipoint calls, push-to-talk and walkie-talkie communications.

While current PMR networks enable narrowband voice and data transmissions, the question of their evolution towards the supply of broadband and ultra-fast broadband services has arisen.

This is why ARCEP is holding a public consultation which should make it possible to:

  • obtain a snapshot of the current state of affairs and provide a reminder of the circumstances surrounding the development of PMR networks today;
  • update the Authority's understanding of how these networks are evolving and future issues surrounding access to spectrum;
  • obtain feedback from stakeholders on hoped-for developments, both in terms of the frequency bands used and the regulation that applies to these systems.

Contributions from stakeholders must reach the Electronic communications and postal regulatory authority (ARCEP) by 30 November 2012.

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The Public Consultation (pdf - 1.22 Mo) (pdf - in French only)