Communiqué de presse

ARCEP launches a public consultation on the cost model for Internet access providers (IAPs)

Paris, 11 April 2006

Increasing sector visibility


ARCEP publishes cost models on a regular basis in order to explain its choices for regulation, especially as regards pricing control for France Telecom’s broadband offers. Cost models help the sector understand the tools ARCEP uses in making its regulation choices.


These models are devised in a multilateral framework. The choices made by ARCEP are clearly explained in explanatory memoranda. Players are invited to share with ARCEP, at any time, any new elements which might change the model’s parameters.


The IAP cost model


ARCEP sent out a first questionnaire in October 2005 to Internet access providers (IAPs), in preparation for a regulatory IAP cost model. It provides an evaluation of the costs and revenues of Internet access providers (IAPs), excluding access and collection costs and primary monthly subscription revenues.


Today, ARCEP is launching a public consultation to share with players an initial version of the IAP cost model and to receive any comments and additional information.


Players are invited to send their contributions to ARCEP before 5 May 2006. Contributions supported by factual data (internal accounting elements, subcontractor invoices, statistics) are preferred.


ARCEP will publish a new version of the model before the summer based on the elements it receives for this consultation.