ARCEP launches a public consultation on the message to be played beginning 3rd April 2006, when the old directory service numbers are officially closed

Paris, 31 January 2006

The transition period between the old directory services numbers (12, 222, 612, 712, 3200, 3211 and 3912) and the new six-digit numbers beginning with 118, began on 2 November 2005. This period will end after five months, on 3rd April at the latest. On that date, the old directory services numbers will be closed.



After this date, consumers dialling an old directory services number will be played a message informing them of the new numbers.



ARCEP is preparing a decision to define the content of the message to be played for consumers calling an old number after 3rd April 2006.



With this aim, it wishes to receive the opinions of players, and consumer associations in particular, on the type of message and its content which would best inform consumers without discriminating between service providers. The consultation will also evaluate the relevance of a "rotating" type of system.



The message must also appropriately inform people in emergency situations.



Responses to the public consultation must be received by ARCEP by 13 February 2006.