ARCEP launches a public consultation on the sharing of universal directory lists

Paris, 7th July 2006

Anyone subscribing to telephone service has the right to appear in the universal directory at no charge. This directory is created by directory publishers and universal directory service providers using directory lists which all fixed and mobile operators must create and provide to them. The regulatory framework for the universal directory was established by the decree of 27 May 2005, in application of article L.34 of the Post and Electronic Communications Code (CPCE).

The implementation of the universal directory has been slow in France, and in the last six months ARCEP has had to take measures targeted at various players in order to accelerate the list creation and transfer process. These measures have borne fruit and several universal directory publishers and universal directory service providers are now able to provide access to the universal directory.


  • Public consultation until 29 August

In addition to these actions which aim to create a universal directory, in late 2005, ARCEP initiated a cycle of multilateral discussions with all players in order to better identify the basic difficulties which might hinder the development of a quality universal directory. Upon completion of these discussions, ARCEP feels that the following questions should be answered:


  • What are the obligations of the operators and distributors with which subscriptions are taken?

  • Under the CPCE, what firms have the right to create a universal directory and how can they be guaranteed access?

  • What specific data is to be included in the directory?

  • How can we guarantee that subscribers are systematically informed of their right under law to appear in the directory, and how can their choice with regard to inclusion be collected, in particular for mobile telephony subscribers?

  • How can we guarantee that the numbers kept by subscribers when changing operators ("ported numbers") continue to be included in the directory?

  • What should be the fee for providing lists?

ARCEP is submitting today for public consultation a draft decision regarding the universal directory, and invites all interested parties (subscriber and consumer associations, operators and distributors, directory publishers and directory service providers, etc.) to share their comments on this document by 29 August 2006 at the latest.

Upon completion of this consultation, ARCEP will submit its final draft decision to the Commission consultative des réseaux et services de communications électroniques (CCRSCE) and the Commission consultative des radiocommunications (CCR) by October 2006 at the latest. The final decision will be adopted upon completion of these consultations, then submitted to the Electronic Communications Minister for approval.

For more information, contact François Varloot (+33 (0)1 40 47 70 64 - contact ).

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