ARCEP launches a public consultation on the terrestrial radio broadcasting market

Paris, 20 December 2013

ARCEP is launching a public consultation on the terrestrial radio broadcasting market, which will run until 5 March 2014.

This consultation is a follow-up to market analysis Decision No. 2012-1137 on wholesale DTT broadcasting services, which was adopted on 11 September 2012 and in which ARCEP had indicated, in reference to radio broadcasting services that, “it had taken note of a request for in-depth work to be done on the market,” adding that “this work could include conducting the three-criteria test that the Commission established for the wholesale market for FM radio broadcasting services, and on the DTR (digital terrestrial radio) market once it is deployed”.

The purpose of the consultation is to provide ARCEP with the elements needed to:

-    ascertain the scope of the radio broadcasting market, in terms of both services and geographical reach;

-    and assess satisfaction levels using three market relevance criteria defined by the European Commission, with a view to possible ex ante regulation.

Once the consultation has been completed, ARCEP will publish a summary of the contributions received. It will then decide whether or not to proceed with the market analysis process. If it is decided that the market(s) warrant ex ante regulation, ARCEP would then submit a new document to consultation.

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