ARCEP launches two public consultations on frequency use authorisations for second and third-generation mobile networks

Paris, 5 October 2006

ARCEP launched today two public consultations regarding frequency use authorisations for the establishment and operation of second and third-generation mobile networks.

  • Reuse of 900 and 1800 MHz frequencies and the fourth 3G licence

The first consultation deals with:

    • the reuse of the 900 and 1800 MHz frequencies to deploy third-generation mobile networks


    • the authorisation available in the 2 GHz band for the establishment and operation of a third-generation mobile network (the "fourth 3G licence").


These two subjects are related: under their GSM authorisations renewed on 25 March 2006, Orange France and SFR may request to reuse the frequencies assigned to them in the 900 and 1800 MHz bands for their third-generation mobile networks. Both operators have made such a request. This is the subject of the first part of the consultation.

Because of this request, ARCEP is required to consult players on their interest in the fourth 3G licence which is still available, to determine whether three or four operators have to be taken into consideration when sharing the 900 and 1800 MHz bands to be reused for third-generation mobile networks. This is the focus of the second part of the consultation, which will be the last chance for an interested party to apply for the fourth 3G licence using the same lot of frequencies as the three operators already authorised to deploy a 3G network

  • Renewing Bouygues Telecom’s GSM authorisation

The second consultation deals with the renewal of Bouygues Telecom’s GSM authorisation in the 900 and 1800 MHz bands, which expires on 8th December 2009. This formal step is similar to the consultation held in 2003 when the licences of Orange France and SFR—which expired in March 2006—were renewed. ARCEP is soliciting comments on the principle of renewing Bouygues Telecom’s GSM authorisation under the same conditions as Orange France and SFR.

  • Other bands which might also be used for mobile services

In coming months, ARCEP will also launch a public consultation on other bands which might be used for mobile services.

Linked documents

The two public consultations area available for consultation :

Smiley The public consultation about Reuse of 900 and 1800 MHz frequencies and the fourth 3G licence (pdf - 798 Ko) Smiley Smiley

Smiley The public consultation about Renewing Bouygues Telecom’s GSM authorisation (pdf - 112 Ko) Smiley Smiley

Interested parties are invited to submit their contributions to ARCEP by 17th November 2006