ARCEP makes organisational changes to its departments to keep pace with changes in the mobile market and its regulation

Paris, 1st July 2013

Jérôme Rousseau joins ARCEP's Board of Directors
Rémi Stefanini is appointed Director of Mobile access and equipment manufacturer relations

Organisation of ARCEP departments

To meet the changing circumstances of the markets we regulate, ARCEP is making changes to the structure of our departments. In mobile markets, the issues of spectrum allocation, mobile network rollouts, changes to business models and the markets' growth momentum are becoming increasingly intertwined. As with fixed line networks, the size of the investments needed to deploy superfast mobile systems means that operators are having to pool their network resources more and more, which creates new challenges in regulating the relationships between operators in the same market.

This is why, starting on 1 July, the teams in charge of examining frequency allocation and mobile market analysis matters will be combined within a Mobile access and equipment manufacturer relations department. This department will be responsible for examining all dossiers relating to the use of radio spectrum - i.e. allocation and monitoring resulting obligations - and to mobile operators and mobile markets: relationships between network operators (MNO) and virtual network operators (MVNO), mobile roaming and network sharing. It will also act as the interface between ARCEP and equipment manufacturers.


Jérôme Rousseau joins the ARCEP Board which is composed of Director-General, Benoit Loutrel, Director of Legal Affairs, Stéphane Hoynck, and Director of Postal Activities, François Lions, both of whom are Deputy Directors-General.

A graduate of the École polytechnique and of Telecom ParisTech, Jérôme Rousseau has a DEA (diploma of advanced studies) in industrial economics and is a member of the Corps of Engineers. He joined the Authority in 1997, tasked with introducing the wireless local loop in France. Since then, he has been head of the "mobile operators" unit, head of the Operators and resources department and Director of the Spectrum and manufacturer relations department. He coordinated the planning and implementation of France's 3G/UMTS and later 4G/LTE spectrum allocation procedures.

Rémi Stefanini has been appointed Director of Mobile access and equipment manufacturer relations

A member of the Corps of Engineers, and a graduate of the École polytechnique and the École nationale supérieure des télécommunications, Rémi Stefanini began his career in 2005 at ARCEP, in the Operators and scarce resources regulation department's "mobile operators" unit, before becoming head of the unit in 2008. In 2010, he worked as a technical advisor to France's Secretary of State for digital development.

He then joined French broadcasting authority, CSA, where he was the Deputy director of technologies.

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