ARCEP meets with consumer associations and extends the deadline for the public consultation about what information postal service users need and expect about universal service quality

Paris, 26 July 2007

On 13 June 2007, ARCEP launched a public consultation about the information postal service users need and expect about universal service quality, and on 11 July 2007, it hosted initial discussions with representatives of consumer associations on this matter.

The consultation is seen by ARCEP as an important tool for maximizing user benefit by ascertaining whether the information currently published by La Poste, the universal postal service provider, is satisfactory or whether further indicators need to be provided.

ARCEP aims to collect suggestions from postal service users and the associations representing them about:

- areas for which it might be expedient to publish information;

- how often and in what form this information should be published.

To enable as many users as possible to participate, ARCEP has just extended the deadline for contributions until:

Monday, 1 October 2007.

Depending on the consultation findings, it will study with La Poste the technical and economic practicability of providing fresh information on the topics identified so as to obtain a comprehensive set of indicators that usefully supplements the existing universal service road map.

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