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ARCEP modernises Mayotte’s numbering plan

Paris, 31 March 2006

ARCEP initiated the modernisation of Mayotte’s numbering plan today, in cooperation with the Overseas Ministry and operators.

This modernisation was made necessary by the fact that Mayotte’s current numbering plan has reached its limits and is hampering the development of new electronic communications services in Mayotte.

The current plan is old, combining numbering of 6 to 10 digits, which was not updated in 2001 like the rest of the overseas départements. Its imminent saturation would seriously hurt the dynamics of growth in the uses of fixed telephony in Mayotte. Furthermore, its dated structure hinders innovation in services, and prevents any simple distinction between fixed and mobile numbers.

So, on 23rd March 2006, ARCEP adopted decision no. 06-0203 which defines the first stage of modernisation.

The first stage concerns only numbering for local calls within Mayotte. It does not change the numbering for calls to Mayotte from Metropolitan France, other overseas départements or foreign countries.

The operation involves switching to ten-digit numbers for local calls in Mayotte, by eliminating the possibility of using 6-digit numbers, which remain in addition to 10-digit numbers.

This change will have to be implemented by all operators present in Mayotte by 27th September 2006 at the latest. It can be done before that date if operators inform their customers in advance.

Between now and July, ARCEP will define later stages in the process, in order to provide Mayotte consumers with a modern system like other overseas départements and Metropolitan France.




How to dial in Mayotte, after 27th September

For all calls made within Mayotte, the caller must dial all 10 digits of the called party’s number, for example, 0 269 61 11 01 to call city hall in Mamoudzou.

  • What remains the same:

- Mayotte subscribers keep the 10-digit numbers they currently have

- Numbering for calls to Mayotte from Metropolitan France or from other overseas départements is not changed

- Numbering for calls to Mayotte from foreign countries is not changed

- Special numbers with the format 1X, 11X or 10XY and 4-digit short numbers (with the format 30PQ, 31PQ, 32PQ, 36PQ and 39PQ) remain unchanged

  • The timetable:

- Six-digit numbering for calls within Mayotte may be used until 27 September 2006 at the latest (calls made from fixed France Telecom lines will switch on 21 April 2006).

- Beginning 27th September, a pre-recorded message will be played for calls made to six-digit numbers.

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