Communiqué de presse

ARCEP notifies its draft analysis decisions on broadband and superfast broadband markets to the European Commission 

Paris, 13 May 2014

Following the publication of a market "scorecard and outlook" (1), two public consultations on successive draft decisions (2), along with the opinion of the Competition authority (3), ARCEP continues its review of broadband and superfast broadband market analyses by notifying its amended draft decisions to the European Commission. This is the final stage in the process, prior to the Authority's adoption of a new market analysis decision.

The aim of these draft decisions is to define, for the period running from mid-2014 to mid-2017, what is referred to as asymmetrical regulation - in other words which applies only to SMP operator Orange (4)- for the fixed broadband and superfast broadband markets, i.e.:

- wholesale (physical) network infrastructure access (including shared or fully unbundled access) at a fixed location (market 4);

- wholesale broadband access (market 5);

- wholesale terminating segments of leased lines, irrespective of the technology used to provide leased or dedicated capacity (market 6).

For this latest version of its draft decision, ARCEP analysed and took into account the responses received to the public consultation that was held in February of this year, and the French Competition authority's opinion.

(1) 4th July 2013 Press Release

(2) 27th November 2013 Press Release and 19th February 2014 Press Release

(3) 17th April 2014 Press Release

(4) And to GCN for wholesale capacity services on inter-territorial segments landing in the overseas collectivity of Saint-Barthélemy