ARCEP-OFCOM bilateral meeting

Paris and London, 13 February 2009

Jean-Claude Mallet, President of Autorité de Régulation des Communications Electroniques et des Postes (ARCEP), accompanied by ARCEP board member Nicolas Curien, met Ed Richards, OFCOM Chief Executive and board member, in London today.

This first bilateral meeting was an opportunity for the two regulators to exchange points of view. They discussed the following topics:

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Ed Richards, OFCOM Chief Executive and board member, and Jean-Claude Mallet, President of ARCEP
(credit : OFCOM)
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- the digital dividend: following the decisions taken by Sweden, Finland and France, the UK has just launched a public consultation announcing that it now plans to assign to mobile communications the 72 MHz band which was harmonised by the World Radiocommunication Conference in 2007. OFCOM and ARCEP discussed the timetable and the means of assigning this sub-band, for which harmonisation in Europe is strategic.

- the decline in call terminations in Europe, as fixed and mobile networks converge, and as discussions on the topic continue at the European level

- new digital access networks: the two regulators share the same development goals for investment, competition and innovation to extend access to very high speed and selection for the consumer.

- Digital Britain and France Economie numérique 2012 governmental plans

- the revision of the Community framework, currently being discussed in its second reading at the European Parliament and the Council: globally, ARCEP and OFCOM share the same analysis of the directions proposed in the new telecoms packet and hope that it will be adopted quickly.

- work initiated by the European Regulators Group (ERG) in which they both are active participants, and which will meet in Berlin on 26th February.

Ed Richards and Jean-Claude Mallet agreed to prolong this work session through regular bilateral meetings which will cover:
-    the mobile sector
-    new very high-speed digital networks
-    network security
-    prospects

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