Communiqué de presse

ARCEP publishes a guide for high-speed and very high-speed pre-equipment for business centres. This guide was drawn up by the Comité des Réseaux d'Initiative Publique, and is intended primarily for developers and municipal governments.

Paris, 7 December 2006,

• Issues and objectives

The digital equipment of business centres is of prime importance for both regional development and for the competitiveness of businesses. The development of high-speed and very high-speed offers requires that civil engineering works and additional ductwork for operators’ optical fibres be considered right from the design stage of the area.

The work done by Comité des Réseaux d'Initiative Publique has highlighted the importance of developers in designing and implementing these infrastructures. A poor understanding of the stakes and applicable standards when creating or upgrading a business centre could prevent businesses which set up their offices there from receiving operators' very high-speed offers in the future.

• The drafting committee

The committee responsible for drafting this guide included:

- the Association des Villes et Collectivités pour les Communications électroniques et l'Audiovisuel (AVICCA), Clermont Communauté, Conseil Général des Yvelines and Syndicat intercommunal de la périphérie de Paris pour l’électricité et les télécommunications (SIPPEREC)

- the companies Alsace Connexia, Colt, Completel, France Telecom, LD Collectivités, Marais, Sogetrel, Vinci-Networks and Association des Opérateurs de Réseaux et Services de Télécommunications (AFORST)

- Fédération des Sociétés d’Economie Mixte, the technical studies centre of the Ministry of Equipment, the Ministry of Industry and Autorité de Régulation des Communications électroniques et des Postes (ARCEP)

• Scope of the guide

The Committee intended this guide to be an "operating method for developers". It aims to provide initial solutions to the problems encountered by developers when asked by a municipal government to prepare an area for telecoms, as part of an urban planning operation.

This first document is directly applicable to new areas and to extensions to existing areas. Due to its greater cost, the question of the digital development of pre-existing areas is more complex. It will be dealt with, as needed, in a future specific guide.

This guide will be updated on a regular basis. A future version will discuss the standards established when the "Very high-speed business centre" (Zone d’activité très haut débit) label is defined, as requested by the Minister of Industry. It is currently being prepared by the Comité des réseaux d'Initiative Publique.