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ARCEP publishes a practical guide on increasing bandwidth on the copper network (FTTN)

Paris, 20 November 2012

France Telecom introduced a solution for increasing bandwidth via sub-loop unbundling back in 2011 through the creation of shared access point solution called PRM (for Point de Raccordement Mutualisé).

In concrete terms, this shared access point solution consists of pulling optical fibre to the neighbourhood cabinet (or node) which is the last point of the network's flexibility. This process enables sizeable gains in connection speed for the users served by this cabinet.

Today, with initial orders having been placed in the first half of 2012 and several projects in the planning or rollout stages, ARCEP wants to lend its support to this implementation process by providing local authorities and elected officials with two tools to help them in their projects.

A practical guide on fibre to the node (FTTN) rollouts

The first section of this practical guide that was produced by ARCEP's various departments addresses those elements that need to be taken into consideration during the planning stage of any FTTN project, then details the different stages in the project itself. The guide also lists the role played by each of the stakeholders (France Telecom, local/alternative operator, local authority) and the costs involved.

Creation of a section on the ARCEP website for publishing local authorities' public consultations on FTTN

ARCEP is also providing local authorities with a page on its website [] for gathering information and publishing their public consultations, should they so desire. The purpose of this page is to provide the greatest possible visibility on public consultations devoted to FTTN projects, and it will be especially useful if employed systematically by local authorities. Publication on our website is not, however, intended to replace the regular means of communicating with stakeholders likely to be affected by the project - i.e. via legal notice or the post.

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The practical guide (pdf - 2.20 Mo) (in French only)