Communiqué de presse

ARCEP publishes its scorecard on the quality of fixed internet access services in France, and issues a call for input on future changes to its observatory.

Paris, 5 November 2015

Publication of a summary report for the first half of 2015

Today, ARCEP is publishing its third scorecard on the quality of fixed internet access services in Metropolitan France, this time for the first half of 2015. Still in the trial stage, this comes to complete two pre-existing scorecards: one on the quality of fixed network access and wireline telephone services, and the other on mobile network coverage and quality of service.

This new observatory was put into place by ARCEP Decision No. 2013-0004 of January 2013, with the goal of improving the information available to internet users, and to provide the Authority with the means to fulfil the responsibilities assigned to it by Law, namely to supervise the overall quality of internet access services. These measures concern the five largest operators and the three most widely used internet access technologies in Metropolitan France: copper, optical fibre with coaxial cable in the last mile, and fibre to the home (FttH).

Given the limited hindsight, however, and the inherent risks of error when any such system is launched, ARCEP asks readers to apply caution when interpreting the data contained in this summary report. Any dissemination of these data must be accompanied by the disclaimers on the methodology contained in the report.

Call for input

As announced in May 2015, alongside the publication of this scorecard, ARCEP is issuing a call for input from all of the sector's stakeholders.

The Authority wants to obtain an assessment of the system thus far, to draw lessons from the first three rounds of measurements that have been performed, and to continue to improve the process used to measure the quality of fixed internet access services.

Stakeholders are therefore invited to submit their input on the current system to ARCEP, along with suggestions for improving or possible expanding it, by Thursday, 3 December.