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ARCEP publishes the conclusion of a summary of its public consultation on the quality of fixed services

Paris, 23 October 2008

ARCEP has been working towards getting operators to publish quality of service indicators for fixed servicescalls since 2006. These future publications This new measure will complete the indicators on the quality of mobile services which have been available for a few number of years now. This process already, and illustrates is at the heart of ARCEP’s mission of regulation to the consumer’s benefit.

  • The public consultation on quality of service: 13 responses were received

ARCEP is publishesing a synthesis of the received contributions to a summary of its public consultation on the quality of fixed service conducted in 2008, and the contributions themselvesas well as the contributions it received. The purpose of this consultation was to collect the opinions of market players interested in on a future draft decision concerning on the publication by operators of quality of fixed services indicators by operators.

ARCEP received 13 contributions from operators, measurement institutes, consumer associations and individuals. These content of these contributions reflects the interest of market players in the issue of question of the quality of fixed services measurement.

The draft decision that was submitted to consultation, was well received and included a list of indicators, and the description of measurement and publication conditions, based on reference ETSI documents and ITU standards. The document was greeted favourably by the contributions.

  • The indicators to be put in place

The list of indicators is divided into two categories:

    • indicators related to network access regardless of the service offers proposedput forward, such as triple-play or telephony (indicators such as "supply time for fixed network access"initial connection time or "response time for by the operators’ customer services")


    • indicators related specifically to the quality of telephone telephony service (such as speech quality)


The main comments traduce the need of clarifications on the definitions of some Most of the comments on this list of indicators and the corresponding measurements measuring methods.were requests for more information on the measurement methods for certain indicators. This need could be filled with the definition of a A desire was expressed that a technical reference shared by allthe operators making taking these measurements be established in addition to this decision. Very few requests were made to actually modify the draft decision.

  • Indicators to be applied to all operators providing access to electronic communications services

Some Players’ contributions discussed the principles outlined in the draft decision and on which the proposed measures are based, as for example the categories of operators that has to carry out measurements.also dealt with the principles applied in the proposed measure and with which operators would be required to take measurements.

They It was suggested that the scope should be extended to cover all operators providing access to electronic communications services, especially for indicators related to network access, and not limited just to operators providing telephone service as is was initially put forward.

ARCEP will use the information contributions received through this public consultation to finalise its decision. The decision will be adopted before the end of the year, following the requested consultation of the Commission consultation des réseaux et services de communications électroniques (CCRSCE).

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