ARCEP publishes the list of companies which will participating in the drawing of 118XYZ numbers on the 14th of June

Paris, June 7th 2005

Following the publication of the decree on the 29 of May

in the Journal Officiel establishing fees due from operators receiving numbering resources, Autorité de Régulation des Communications Electroniques et des Postes (ARCEP) has set the date for the drawing of 118XYZ numbers.

The drawing will be held on Tuesday the14th

of June at 9.00 am, at ARCEP, 7 square Max Hymans, 75015 Paris. Only representatives of the candidates will be allowed in the room where the drawing will be held.

The companies applying for the 118XYZ number allocation are

listed below. This list includes the candidates which send the confirmation letters that they were to send to ARCEP after the publication of the initial list on the 18th of April 2005. It doesn't include the candidates which withdrawed from the procedure since the 18th of April and the non-qualifying applications that have thus been rejected by Arcep.


Groups and companies authorised to participate in the draw

<font face="Arial">123 Multimédia</font>

<font face="Arial">118 TELEDIS SARL</font>

<font face="Arial">11883 Telecom Gmbh</font>

<font face="Arial">118866 Ltd</font>

<font face="Arial">ADP Telecom</font>

<font face="Arial">Allo Bottin</font>

<font face="Arial">Belgacom SA</font>

<font face="Arial">Bouygues Telecom</font>

<font face="Arial">Cambio SA</font>

<font face="Arial">Conduit</font>

<font face="Arial">EDA France</font>

<font face="Arial">Groupe France Télécom&nbsp;(France Télécom; Orange France; Pages Jaunes<br> Oranges Caraïbes, Orange Réunion)</font>

<font face="Arial">Groupe FREE (Free SAS, One Tel SAS, Kertel SA)</font>

<font face="Arial">Ingénierie de Communications Pédagogique</font>

<font face="Arial">Intra Call Center</font>

<font face="Arial">Jonas Technology</font>

<font face="Arial">Kelnuméro</font>

<font face="Arial">L'Annuaire Universel</font>

<font face="Arial">Le Numéro France</font>

<font face="Arial">Le Service Universel de Renseignements Téléphoniques</font>

<font face="Arial">NRJ Mobile</font>

<font face="Arial">PCCI UK</font>

<font face="Arial">Pictures on Line</font>

<font face="Arial">PIXTEL</font>

<font face="Arial">Renseignement Téléphonique Français</font>

<font face="Arial">Scoot France</font>

<font face="Arial">Services de renseignements téléphoniques SAS</font>

<font face="Arial">Groupe SFR (SFR, SRR)</font>

<font face="Arial">Telegate France</font>

<font face="Arial">Telemedia</font>

<font face="Arial">Telenet Hosting</font>

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Companies having withdrawn their application:

- Atento Maroc

- Nouveaux Médias et Tele Consulting

- Sogedev

Companies whose application has been denied:

  • COM.MEDIAS (decision n° 05-0517)
  • HM Renseignements (decision n° 05-0519)
  • Kabtel Renseignements (decision n° 05-0516)
  • NRT (decision n° 05-0515)
  • Octava Marketing (decision n° 05-0520)
  • Services France Renseignements (decision n° 05-0514)
  • TZ tel (decision n° 05-0518)

Linked documents

The Arcep's decision  n° 05-0505 (pdf - 116 Ko)  <font size="3"><strong><img class="alignMiddle" src="images/fr.gif" alt="fr" style><br></strong></font>
Companies whose application has been denied:

  • COM.MEDIAS (decision  n° 05-0517  fr)
  • HM Renseignements (decision  n° 05-0519  <font size="3"><img class="alignMiddle" src="images/fr.gif" alt="fr" style></font>)
  • Kabtel Renseignements (decision  n° 05-0516  fr)
  • NRT (decision  n° 05-0515  fr)
  • Octava Marketing (decision  n° 05-0520  <font size="3"><strong><img class="alignMiddle" src="images/fr.gif" alt="fr" style></strong>)</font>
  • Services France Renseignements (decision  n° 05-0514  fr)
  • TZ tel (decision  n° 05-0518  fr)