Communiqué de presse

ARCEP reduces and updates the information collected from operators.

Paris, 27 March 2015

ARCEP collects information from operators on a regular basis. These data enable the Authority to observe, analyse and anticipate various developments in the marketplace, and serve to inform the different observatories that ARCEP publishes.

Over time, the amount of data being collected increased. The Authority therefore reviewed its system with a view to simplifying it, to updating and reducing the amount of information being collected, but also to take better account of the way user behaviour, technologies and services have evolved.

This process led to a consultation with the sector's main stakeholders in 2014.

ARCEP adopted a specific decision for each of the two sectors concerned, i.e. electronic communications and postal, both of which reduce the number of indicators collected significantly, the goal being to optimise and streamline the process.

Undertaken as part of a joint approach, ARCEP is thus participating fully in the State's efforts to cut red tape and simplify administrative processes.

ARCEP reminds the public that, in addition to the numerous market observatories and scorecards it publishes and posts online on a regular basis, it also makes a sizeable percentage of its data freely available, as an expression of its open data policy and to share the data at its disposal.