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ARCEP submits a draft report on cable agreement compatibility for public consultation

Paris, 22 June 2007

The mission assigned to ARCEP by law

The law of 9 July 2004 on electronic communications and audiovisual communication services established that the agreements signed between the local and regional authorities and cable operators must be brought into conformity with the applicable legislative framework. It set 1st July 2006 as the deadline. However, most of the agreements had not been modified at that date, due to a lack of agreement between the players.

The law of 5 March 2007 on the modernisation of audiovisual broadcasting and the television of the future clarified the process so that the agreements were indeed brought into conformity. The law assigns to ARCEP the mission of establishing a public report.

The legislator wanted this report to:

- describe the state of advancement of agreement compatibility

- identify the major legal categories of the agreements

- make recommendations to ensure they are made compatible

Public consultation

The works conducted by ARCEP with interested parties have resulted in a draft report, which his being submitted for public consultation.

To enlighten it in its work, ARCEP has commissioned a legal study from Emmanuel Glaser, Councillor of State. This study is being published today.

Contributions to this public consultation should be sent before 6 July 2007 at 5.00 pm to ARCEP, by e-mail if possible to

We ask that contributors identify any passages covered by professional secrecy. Contributions will be made public, with passages covered by professional secrecy removed.

The final report will be published in July.

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