ARCEP submits to public consultation its proposed changes to the numbering plan, and notably those concerning value-added services (VAS)

Paris, 19 September 2011

Following requests from several stakeholders, the public consultation on the evolution of the numbering plan is extended until October 12, 2011.

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Paris, 29 July 2011

The system of value-added services (VAS) in France is based in particular on 10-digit numbers starting with 08 and on short numbers with the formats 3BPQ, 10YT and 118 XYZ which allow companies to provide telephone-based services whose charge is added to the caller’s phone bill. Despite the progress that was made recently through the adoption of certain legislative and regulatory measures concerning the use of these numbers, this market continues to be a source of dissatisfaction amongst consumers and businesses due to the lack of clarity and transparency on prices.

As an extension of the proposals that were published in February 2011, “Improving the offers made available to consumers of electronic communications and postal services,” the Authority began a series of consultations with the sector’s stakeholders (carriers, service providers, consumer associations and public authorities) to identify concrete measures for improving the system, which ARCEP is submitting to public consultation starting today.

These measures relate in particular to changes to retail pricing, the organisation of number categories, adapting underlying wholesale pricing models and battling against fraud.

Responses to the consultation must be submitted to ARCEP by 30th September 2011, preferably by e-mail to the following address: SVA(@)

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